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Culture Labs team // Strategic Planning6/17/14

Brand Identity Part 3: Do people in the same social circles tend to wear the same brands?

The hypothesis driving this exploration is that people in the same social circles tend to wear the same brands. We see brands as Read More...

Pedro Ferreira // Creative4/25/14

Brand Identity Part 2: What does our brand report tell us about David and Deicy?

Hypothesis People drawn to certain brands tend to have a core group of friends who are drawn to the same brands. AssignmentTake a deep Read More...

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Matthew Zagada // Creative4/24/14

Brand Identity Part 1: Who influences New York’s up-and-comers?

HypothesisPeople drawn to certain brands tend to have a core group of friends who are drawn to the same brands. AssignmentTo take Read More...

Culture Labs Teaser
Michael Maliner // Strategic Planning4/24/14

Welcome to Culture Labs. So what are we going to study first?

Culture Labs is off and running.  We got our first hypothesis to test. Hypothesis: People drawn to certain brands tend to have a core Read More...


UWG is all about culture. We live it. We breathe it.

Our company stands on it. Which is why our employees

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The Culture Labs, powered by UWG, is a collaborative workshop

designed to identify and cultivate the nuances of

culture that affect our daily decision-making process. In

partnership with local universities, the UWG Culture Labs

produces open cultural data and content that is employed

in our work and the work of our partners.

The Culture Labs, powered by UWG, is a collaborative workshop designed to identify and cultivate the nuances of culture that affect our daily decision-making process. In partnership with local universities, the UWG Culture Labs produces open cultural data and content that is employed in our work and the work of our partners.

We are more than an agency.

We are the curious ones.

The seekers who believe invention breeds new ideas.

We are makers existing at the intersection

of culture, innovation and communication.

We are UWG.

We are more than an agency.

We are the curious ones.

The seekers who believe invention breeds new ideas.

We are makers existing at the intersection of culture, innovation and communication.

We are UWG.

UWG People

UWG encourages our employees to do amazing and

interesting things beyond their 9 to 5. UWG is about

making better people, which in turn, makes a better UWG.

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“A Warrior’s Education”



UWG and the United States Marine Corps initiated an authentic dialogue with Asian-Pacific American officers and enlisted prospects during and beyond the nationally recognized Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

The campaign, titled “A Warrior’s Education,” positioned the Marine Corps as a unique opportunity to achieve educational and professional success, and the honor of defending the freedom of others around the world as a profession.

Digitally focused, the campaign drove distinct engagement where Asian-Pacific American youth are most active, and most likely to create and share content: social media.


A dedicated and shareable tab was added to the existing MCRC Facebook page to house all targeted content. The tab featured four 60-second videos illustrating how respect and discipline play a role in earning a “Warrior’s Education,” in addition to an interactive photo gallery of the Marines’ personal items and external links to relevant information.

The tab was also supported by a series of timeline posts (Facebook, Twitter) and paid social placements throughout the campaign.


During May 2013, “A Warrior’s Education” was the highest-performing tab on the United States Marine Corps Facebook page, with over 13,000 tab views and engagement measures exceeding historical benchmarks.

The average audience retention rate for all four videos was 75.8%, revealing that users stayed engaged with the content and watched more than three-fourths of the whole video. Lastly, posts totaled over 6,355,456 users.

Team Members

Strayer University - Hispanic Growth Initiative


Hispanic Growth Initiative


UWG positioned Strayer as a key provider of educational access and communicated Strayer’s commitment to Latina advancement by partnering with three culturally relevant, signature properties focused on Latina EMPOWERMENT, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and SELF-IMPROVEMENT


The impact of these events was amplified through print/digital advertising, PR and social media.


Approximately 5,000 on-site consumer impressions, nearly 1,000,000 social media impressions and over 8,000,000 media impressions.

Team Members



Retool Your School


In 2010, The Home Depot launched the Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program to help Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with much needed sustainable campus improvements.

Year after year, the online program has strived to increase the reach, total grants offered and program participation.

The program is supported totally online and promoted via digital, social, mobile and radio. At the end of the 2013, the program had awarded almost $700,000 in grants across 49 schools.


The campaign involved a custom Tweetoff platform that integrated the Retool Your School website, voting, Facebook and Instagram.

This platform allows users to get the latest program stats via the leader boards, vote, make social media posts and view other supporters’ votes. Online/mobile banners and eblasts were developed to drive traffic to the website and tweetoff platform.

Additional support was garnered at the SIAC and SWAC tournaments via in-game activations and signage.


  • 67 HBCUs participated – 10% increase versus PY
  • Overall program impressions – up 45%
  • More than 2.6MM votes were cast – +55% vs PY
  • Social media participation across all platforms increased significantly versus PY


Team Members

LIncoln_048_1000x560_removed cars




Lincoln and Automotive Rhythms hosted “Lincoln Evening of Style” at Siren Studio in Los Angeles. Nia Long, actress and event host, arrived in a Lincoln MKC.

The Lincoln Evening of Style introduced the all-new Lincoln MKC to a targeted group of over 200 AA influencers and media, and garnered a projected favorable opinion metric lift of 15% for the brand, for both PR and social media impressions.


Lincoln’s activation included social media outreach with hashtags, on-site branding, event content capture and event B-roll, branded event recap on AR website, talent interviews, vehicle displays and inclusion in the event press release.


• Attendance: 200
• Favorable opinion: 15%
• Social media impressions: 10 MM
• PR impressions: 5 MM

Team Members


Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Optic White


Colgate Optic White (OW) was the featured brand of the Best Man Holiday movie premiere — one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2013.

What began as simply a co-branding event, from sizzle to substance, turned out to be one of the largest PR activations for the Colgate Optic White brand.

Hollywood’s brilliant smiles were shining at the Best Man Holiday movie premiere.


Popular journalist Tanika Ray conducted OW interviews on the Red Carpet. The product was available for display and use in the restrooms, and event attendees left with the Optic White regimen.


• Targeted PR impressions: 20MM
• Reached PR impressions: 112MM

Team Members



Amtrak Multicultural Microsites


UWG launched three multicultural microsites to inspire brand affinity and elevate awareness of Amtrak among younger black, Latino and LGBT consumers who don’t currently consider Amtrak for their transportation needs.

African American, Hispanic and LGBT segments lead other groups in use of digital/social media, and are avid consumers of online content. They are skeptical of advertising claims but are willing to engage with brands that offer them value.


UWG created three targeted microsites that feature authentic, culturally relevant stories about travel in key Amtrak geographies, with links to travel deals.

Each site is updated weekly with timely, original content.


Site traffic has increased every month since launch, and integrated links from the content result in high-quality traffic sent to, where our audiences are booking travel and signing up for Amtrak’s frequent traveler program.

Team Members

Jessica Joseph // Innovation2/9/15

Stop Trying to Go Viral

Viral is a buzzword we hear all too often in this industry. Influencers and brands alike all compete to see who can dominate the Read More...

Darius Broadwater // Media1/9/15

One Tree, Many Branches

This last October, I took a spontaneous trip to the Philippines with my uncle Terrance. This journey has been about 12 years in the Read More...

Iris Dillon // Branded Entertainment12/16/14

It's all in the Gumbo

New Orleans, Louisiana, is an ethnically diverse community, with rich cultural roots. Stories are passed down through elders, absorbed Read More...

Eugenia Blackmon // Legal11/19/14

Motherhood And No Work/Life Balance

Motherhood. The word alone is loaded and has a variety of sentiments for everyone. I entered motherhood three years ago and recently Read More...

Ahmad Abdul-Ali // Account10/21/14

Bridging the digital divide: Why experiential marketing matters — now more than ever

“What would we ever do without the internet??” was a question posed by a Toby Maguire-looking fellow I shared the elevator with. I Read More...

Stella Canlas // Finance9/16/14

Sweet Is My Hard Life

In many Asian countries, among them the Philippines, there is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation: that Read More...

Dylan Rivera // Account8/25/14

I Live Hip-Hop and Rap on the Side

At eight years old, my brother Jay and I deemed ourselves “The Rappin’ Twins.” We decided to become mega-superstars and tour all over Read More...

Christina Adams, Eric Ross, Katherine Halliburton // Media7/17/14

What’s missing in Multicultural Media/Advertising?

Go beneath the surface of culture representation Of course, we all understand there is no “one size fits all” messaging in advertising. Read More...

Juanita Davis // Events6/2/14

3 Key event engagement touch points + 4 Effective ways to use social media to boost events = 7 Lessons for consumer connectivity

Juanita Davis, Event Manager at UWG, shares her approach to strategically planning events and ensuring consumer connectivity. Formulas Read More...

Mother's Day Blog Header
Bruce Kirton // Strategic Planning4/22/14

Mother’s Day and Multicultural Mothers

I got a request to write a blog for the corporate website about Mother’s day, but every time I sat down to begin I had trouble getting Read More...

Monique L. Nelson // CEO4/2/14

Three Lessons on Developing Some of the Best Multicultural Advertising Campaigns in the World

As Chairman and CEO of UWG, the longest-standing multicultural advertising agency in the world, Monique L. Nelson shares her unique Read More...

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Strategic Planning, Brooklyn

Senior Strategic Planner – Hispanic Focus

Job Description

The Senior Strategic Planner is an inquisitive, independent thinker who uses research data to identify the target audience and optimum methods of communication, and can distill data and knowledge to provide a springboard for the creative team to produce advertising ideas that solve defined business problems. The planner works closely with creative, media, account managers, senior management and clients to ensure that an understanding of consumer attitudes and reactions is brought to bear at every stage of the development of an advertising campaign. In addition, the planner plays a significant role in supporting business development efforts.

The planner has a deep knowledge of Hispanic segmentation models and the complex interaction of language, culture and context. This position requires an in-depth understanding of Hispanic behavior and drivers, particularly those of bicultural millennial Latinos.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop consumer insights through data analysis, sales analysis, primary research and trend monitoring
  • Generate strategic insights and recommendations to address consumer problems or challenges, and craft them into presentations and briefs to agency and clients
  • An exceptionally talented storyteller
  • Examine specific marketing issues, as requested
  • Project management — requires the ability to take a project from request to completion and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams in a proactive and cooperative manner
  • Assist strategic planning department in providing direction for various research projects
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate research projects with research vendors


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (e.g., psychology, anthropology, sociology, marketing)
  • 5+ years’ experience in marketing, strategic planning, consulting or research
  • Primary and secondary research experience
  • Strong computer skills (Excel, PowerPoint/Keynote, MS Word/Pages)
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Creative thinker — must be intellectually curious
  • Bilingual / bicultural a strong plus
  • Must be able to multi-task
  • Must be able to work independently

Apply for this job

Account Services, Detroit

Account Supervisor

Job Description

The Account Supervisor (AS), with a strong background and understanding of the automotive business, is responsible for the planning and execution of advertising activities of the account and is an important contributor to the overall strategic direction of the account. The AS coordinates the activities of the members of the account team to insure that they deliver the best product and that they contribute significantly to the client’s business. In addition, the AS must have strong planning and digital knowledge. The AS also has partial responsibility for the profitability of his or her accounts.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Participates in preparation of annual marketing plans
  • Analyzes data and solves problems concisely
  • Understands agency and client procedures and systems, and utilizes them effectively
  • Contributes to key brand strategies, identifies key issues and proposes alternative solutions
  • Sets priorities and manages work flow
  • Prepares brand cost and income projections
  • Makes recommendations for appropriate rewards and recognition
  • Actively manages and monitors finance systems, i.e.,  receivables, cash management and direct expenses
  • Strong knowledge of digital, social and mobile campaigns


  • 5–7 years advertising agency experience strongly preferred
  • Knowledge and experience with all disciplines — media, account services, creative, production, event marketing, digital
  • Highly proficient in understanding mobile marketing strategy, delivery and measurement
  • Knowledge of the client’s business and its customers
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Comfort with a non-traditional role delivering creative ideas from an integrated, marketing communication approach
  • Background in marketing communication
  • Computer skills: Word, Excel and PowerPoint


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